For several years now Japanese Wagyu meat, also known as 'Kobe'-style beef, has been enjoying increasing popularity.

Experts and gourmets who have recently discovered Wagyu meat consider it to be the most tender, most succulent and tastiest meat in the world.

Wagyu is now finally available in Europe.

Latest video broadcasted by Deutsche Welle (jan 2006)

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"Primus"our first European born Wagyu bull at age 1,5

Highly Exclusive

There are all kinds of stories about these imperial cattle from Japan that are massaged, fed on beer and then sold at astronomical prices in Tokyo's top restaurants. 

These are not just folkloric. The Japanese have devoted  extraordinary care and attention to the rearing of this unusual breed of cattle, focusing on the quality rather than the quantity of their beef. The result is the ‘caviar of beef’.

Wagyu meat has taken the US by storm, with New Yorkers queuing for Wagyu burgers. New York's famous steak-house, Old Homestead in Manhatten now serves Wagyu burgers at a whopping price of  $41.

Marbled Beef

Wagyu meat is striking because of its wonderful marbling which results in a never-before-experienced succulence that sends the taste buds reeling. The fat in the meat has more monounsaturated fats and melts at room temperature which makes Wagyu beef suitable as part of a lower-cholesterol diet.

The high degree of marbling adds an extraordinary depth of flavour which makes Wagyu beef a culinary delicacy.

Wagyu meat is suitable as part of a low-cholesterol diet.

The high degree of marbling of Wagyu beef makes this meat a culinary delicacy.


Latest research from Pennsylvania State University shows that Wagyu beef can actually help to reduce cholesterol levels.


Wagyu Newsletter

Since the start of our breeding programme in 1996 we came a long way. To show you, we put a lot of photo's from our growing herd at this website. Pictures say more than words can tell. For more information, give us a call. We added e-mail and telephone numbers both from our facilities in Wales and Belgium.

If you would like to keep abreast of further Wagyu developments in Europe, please send us an E-mail so we can add you to our mailing list.



Wagyu in the Press

Recent television broadcasts by  Deutsche Welle, RTL, BBC and CNN triggered a lot of attention for Wagyu in the press.
You can download most of these publications AND watch the videos from our website.

Most expensive Beef
Prices are correspondingly high. An average carcass costs between $ 10,000 and 20,000, with a record price of $ 250,000 (for food!!).

"They are here"

Voelas Hall, Wales UK

In 1996 the first steps were taken to establish a European herd of Wagyu cattle, complete with their own pedigree and label (Châteaux Wagyu)

The European Wagyu breeding programme was divided over two impressive estates. Both at the farms on the Altembrouck Château estate, in Belgium as on the 12.000 acres historic estate Voelas Hall in Wales, UK you can find the first of these exclusive Japanese cows in Europe.

Châteaux Wagyu uses the best genetic material from an exclusive breeding programme started 20 years ago for the critical Japanese market.
Our initial herd has now grown to some 200 Wagyu animals in early 2003.

Starting from December 2003, our own European Wagyu is being introduced exclusively at the famous Harrods food halls and restaurants 
Altembrouck in Belgium